Daughters vs. Sons…

Daughters vs. Sons... 1I was sitting down, finally taking an early break.  Oprah was playing in the background, but I could here my husband and kids in the other room.  It is so funny how men speak to their children.   Just in normal conversation, my husband has different standards for our son than our daughter.   It is like with my son he is constantly trying to toughen him up.  But my daughter she has her dad wrapped around her finger.  My husband has no idea, what he is in for.

I do try to treat them the same, but I do recognize the age difference so try to treat them age appropriate.  But I also know that we have to prepare them for society.   As children grow, both men and women are indiscriminately taken advantage of in various situations.  Regardless of your gender, you have to know when to stand up for yourself.  My son is now at that age that we have to remind him, that he is in control of his actions and also how his peers treat him.  So we do encourage him not to let people bully, mistreat or degrade him.  It is interesting because my daughter can see the lessons we are teaching our son, but she is not in those types of situations yet.  So I wonder, will she be better positioned to handle society given that she is the second child or perhaps because she can see her strong mommy. 😉

If it were possible to treat a son and daughter equally, should we?  We don't know what society will be like when they are of an independent age, so what exactly are we preparing them for, but to meet the current socio-economic standards applied to men and women.  I do hope that one that people are literally treated by the content of their character and not their gender, but in the mean time I have to prepare my children to be the master of their fate and the captain of their soul.

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  1. Ryne wrote:

    Tocuhodwn! That’s a really cool way of putting it!

    Posted 6.25.11
    • Irene wrote:

      Your story was really ifnmortaive, thanks!

      Posted 9.8.11
    • Denim wrote:

      Back in school, I’m doing so much lerainng.

      Posted 9.10.11

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