Christmas in August?

Christmas in August? 1Not Really!

BUT, right after we finish the summer birthdays, and even sometimes before, I instantly start planning for Christmas.  This way I can start acquiring those special gifts as soon as possible, and especially give Santa some special hints.  There is just one dilemma.  Last year, I was getting the sense that my eldest, just wasn't into the ‘Santa' thing anymore.

I realize a lot of people see that as when your child starts to become more aware of their surroundings.  When you child starts applying brain power and deductive reasoning to the amount of children on earth, the number of toys needed and the quintessential statement “but we don't have a REAL chimney”  So even if he is at that stage in life, in reality I want him to believe in the spirit of Christmas and not necessarily the marketing beyond Christmas.

But here's the thing, my youngest is FULLY ENGULFED in the ‘Santa' thing.  She was reminding us repeatedly that we MUST mail the letter to Santa in enough time for him to receive and process it.  She understands receiving and processing, but STILL believes in Santa, you gotta love that (LOL!).   And I want her to ensure she is able to enjoy those days, like I did as the youngest child, for as long as possible.

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