Who Cares About Super Bowl 2015?

wpid-images.jpgFootball has never been my thing. I am more of a lacrosse, basketball and swimming kind of girl…So many have been asking me if I plan to watch the Super Bowl and when I say “No” they are shocked and ask what I will do while it is on. Here are my favorite things to do while the world is watching the Super Bowl.

1. Show up at parties and eat all the food and drinks. No one is paying attention to the food anyway.

2. Remotely change the channel. If I am home, I will use my phone and change the channel. It is funny as the family tries to figure out what happened.

3. Shop. I love having the store to myself. I can browse the aisle and really take my time.

4. Call my friends and ask what they are doing. The football fans usually get angry as I don't really want anything.

5. Post about the harmful affects of eating chicken wings. I keep telling people that they make you sterile.

Are you watching the Super Bowl and if so, who is your team?

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  1. LaToiya wrote:

    Not watching the Super Bowl either, but my team is the Saint. Hopefully I can get some catch up blogging done.

    Posted 2.1.15
  2. I am not a huge fan of the superbowl either but love going to parties for the chips and dips.

    Posted 2.1.15
  3. Ina wrote:

    Ha! This is exactly the response I get from people when I tell them that I’m NOT going to watch the game!:)

    Posted 2.1.15
  4. Hubby will be planted on the couch all evening watching but I will not be watching – I don’t care for sports AT ALL!

    Posted 2.1.15
  5. me neither – i was watching first the Kitten Bowl and then the Puppy Bowl yesterday – and the real winners were the pets who found new homes 😀

    Posted 2.2.15
  6. I enjoy the tv ads and the half-time every year during the super bowl 🙂

    Posted 2.3.15

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