And Baby Makes…

What happens when you are living the American dream? You completed high school and went on to college when you graduated with a job waiting. While climbing the corporate ladder you meet the man of your dreams and you both decide that together you can conquer the world or corporate America at least.

And Baby Makes... 1

After being constantly asked “when's the baby coming?” You both make a conscious effort to start a family. Time goes by and no baby but the comments keep coming. You always knew that you wanted a large family when the time was right. I had been on birth control for as long as I could remember but never thought it would affect getting pregnant after I stopped. I felt like I could just hit a switch and after a roll in the hay, I'd be pregnant.

And Baby Makes... 2

Life doesn't always go as planned and I decided to meet with a fertility specialist who proposed several options and none appealed to me. The elders always talk of “home remedies” and I felt this had to be an option prior to anything invasive. I can still remember a friend telling me to stand on my head as not to let the sperm escape. Within a year, I was happy to quiet the comments with the happy news.

This doesn't always happen and many women need assistance that don't involve drugs or hormones. The number of young women diagnosed with breast cancer before forty continues to grow and many are without children. They respond to treatment and within 18 months hear those words- No evidence of disease (NED). A breast cancer diagnosis means that your body might not work like it use to.

Conceiving will require some creativity and choosing Stork OTC is a great option. Stork OTC, can assist in conceiving without the use of drugs or hormones which is important to a survivor. The process is pretty simple and doesn't require you to sit with your legs in the air. You can continue your normal activities within 10 minutes of insertion.

And Baby Makes... 3
The Stork OTC is available for purchase at select Target stores nationwide and is located in the family planning section near the ovulation kits. Get a $15 Target gift card with purchase of Stork OTC until June 17th. Makes a great father’s day present.

And Baby Makes... 4

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation from Mums the Word Network and The Stork OTC. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Elle (CleverlyChanging) wrote:

    That’s really an awesome promotion. I will tell my friends who are considering starting a family soon.

    Posted 6.15.17
  2. Daria wrote:

    I know several friends that are thinking about parenthood. I will definitely pass this on. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 6.16.17
  3. Kita wrote:

    Good luck on your journey. I have a friend that used a similar product and she is expecting her first.

    Posted 6.19.17
  4. Mimi Green wrote:

    I hate that people feel like it is okay to ask people when they are having a baby. I’m thankful for medical advancement that has created products that can help the process. Target is amazing, so naturally they have a discount.

    Posted 6.19.17
  5. Brittany wrote:

    As someone who is married and childfree (not childless) I’m really piffed by people not minding their business and asking q’s that don’t concern them. Saying that I understand those who want to have children and struggle. There’s a lot of internal and external pressure. Any little bit of assistance can help! Especially if it doesn’t break the bank like IVF. Thanks for sharing and spreading the word for those couples trying to conceive!

    Posted 6.19.17
  6. CARISSA wrote:

    Glad there is something over the counter that can help! I used app on my phone to help me with dates and stuff but I wish I had known about a product like this!

    Posted 6.20.17
  7. Ty wrote:

    I think that it is so rude for people to ask when you are going to have a baby because why is it that people just “expect” that to be in your plans. What if it isn’t or what if it just isn’t happening for you? It is such a sensitive topic but we have come a long way and thankfully people have products like this to help them out.

    Posted 6.20.17

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