An Organized Mom Makes an Organized Family

I have never been very organized. I know where I put my stuff and how to find it and it never really bothered me until my kids got older. You see, I don't mind my mess but I can't stand others especially when it is close to mine. I have tried everything to get them to do the right thing but I realize it has to start with me.  I follow a lot of bloggers who were very good at this. I look at their stuff and say I can do this but it never happens.  I have countless projects that I start and are unable to finish for whatever reason only to try to start again and feel deflated because the mess is even bigger. I knew there had to be a better solution.

A housekeeper, my husband has suggested one on many occasions but I don't want to spend the money and I had two not so great experiences.  One time the lady really just shuffled stuff and half cleaned and then the other time, the guy was wonderful. He was helping me transitioned and then he disappeared. I learned months later that he became really ill and passed away.  A friend who also used him and I often joke that all that cleaning and organizing killed him so we decided we wanted to live.  A disorganized house is what we are left with.

After countless yells at my kids who never look for things and clearly have no clue where they put them, I knew we had to stop.  Today they were both asking me for a pencil and I was at a lost for words. I but school supplies to last the school year and then some. There is no reason that we should be ought of lined paper, pens, pencil, crayons, colored markers etc.  Many organizers say to eat the frog and work on the thing that I dread most but that approach doesn't work for me. My closet is my frog, it is filled to the brim and the thought of cleaning it drains me. It is certain to be a reminder of the weight that I have gained and who wants to deal with that. I decided to tackle the lack of writing utensils.  I figured it was a small enough task that could be completed in very little time but would make a statement.

An Organized Mom Makes an Organized Family 1An Organized Mom Makes an Organized Family 2
I quickly fell in love with this colorful rolling organizer. It had just enough drawers to allow for all the things I figured the kids needed quick access to . The fact that it had wheels was a bonus because it is easy to move.

An Organized Mom Makes an Organized Family 3An Organized Mom Makes an Organized Family 4 As luck would have it, my label writer had no cartridges and I knew that if I wanted order, the drawers must be labeled. I decided to use chalk ink and it was a great decision. The chalk ink was very easy to use and visible. Chalk Ink is a versatile, easy way to make a colorful statement. A major upgrade from the chalk used in days of yore, Chalk Ink is the highest quality chalk marker you can find. It works like a paint pen, yet looks like chalk. No dust and no smearing once it is dry. You can use it on any non-porous surface and wipes off easily with water or Windex. Its classic set of 8 markers comes in eye-catching colors that have limitless uses.

Here is my finished product. The kids noticed it immediately. What do you think?



My next project is to tackle all these papers…

An Organized Mom Makes an Organized Family 5An Organized Mom Makes an Organized Family 6

 Disclosure: This post contain affiliate links and I will be compensated with each click. I received a sample of chalk ink as compensation for sharing this product. All comments and thoughts are my own. #ad

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