7 Most Beautiful Things To See In Washington DC

Washington DC is a spectacular city known for its symbolic monuments, extraordinary architecture, and splendid scenery. Hiding within the row houses and offices, are magical places that will make you feel like you've stepped into a fairy tale. This guide to the 7 most beautiful things to see in Washington DC explores the hidden beauty of the city. 


With its medieval style architecture, the National Cathedral is a remarkable historical landmark that's perched on the highest point in DC. This exquisite spectacle is complemented by gargoyles, intricate wood carvings, mosaics and over 200 stained glass windows.  This breathtaking sanctuary has played a central role in national ceremonies and is the official house of prayer in the US. The added beauty of this iconic architectural masterpiece are the lush gardens and greenhouse. Make sure you add this one to your bucket list. 


The Dumbarton Oaks was originally a private estate, now a historic estate it is used today as an extensive library, lush garden, and exquisite museum. Whether you are a music lover, art aficionado, or gardener enthusiast, there's an adventure for everyone. 


Positioned on the slopes of the Potomac floodplains the level upper terrace of the park was once captivating views of the city, with a grass mall as it's center, sidewalks, a linden allée of unmistakable French style and closing with a bronze statue of Joan of Arc. The steep sloped lower level is Italian inspired with a grand central fountain that cascades into 13 graduated basins into an immense reflecting pool. Make sure you put this awe-inspiring park on your bucket list. 


The magnificently maintained Georgian style mansion and the pristine gardens combined make this an adventure unlike any other. With the most extensive outside collection of Russian Imperial art, 25 acres of tranquil gardens, native woodlands and a superb 18th-century French decorative art collection, this is an experience not to be missed.


The Mansion on O Street is an extraordinary Victorian style home located on a peaceful street and is one of the best kept secrets of DC. The colorful mansion is full of timepieces, over 15,000 pieces of art, 20,000 books, and has an eclectic collection of antiques and memorabilia. With more than 100 rooms and 32 secret doors, the Mansion on O Street is a fascinating place to explore.


Now an alluring, brilliant and vibrant icon in what was a declining area of DC, The Technicolor Church was once a vacant church that was converted into an awe-inspiring work of art. The neighborhood has become a center for artists. 


The Spanish Steps are deemed one of the most romantic places in the District, complete with a striking staircase bordered by magnolia trees and other flourishing foliage and a splendid fountain. This quaint lovers’ refuge is an excellent picnic spot and it's an off-the-beaten-path treasure that makes for great Instagram photos.  

I hope this list of 7 most beautiful things to see in Washington DC inspires you to go out and explore this beautiful world! 

7 Most Beautiful Things to do in DC
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