7 Most Beautiful Things To See In Georgia

 Many people relate Georgia to the historical town of Savannah, the idyllic capital city Atlanta, die-hard fanatical college football, and the captivating state that was always on the mind of legendary singer Ray Charles. While those associations aren't wrong, the state of Georgia is so much more. From peaceful weekend road trips to the cascading waterfalls and from the top of mountains to the miles of pristine coastlines, Georgia is the most breathtaking of the lower 48. Although it's hard to narrow the list down, here are my top 7 most beautiful things to see in Georgia. 

Wormsloe Plantation

Wormsloe is a well known historical site that boasts a picturesque avenue of mature live oaks that extends for over a mile between its historic gates and the main location, an idyllic colonial village, ruins of the oldest European built home, miles of awe-inspiring nature trails, and a museum. Make sure to add this one to your bucket list. 

Callaway Gardens

This 2,500 acre award winning garden and resort is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and is brimming with picturesque spots. With miles of nature trails, a vast array of wildlife, kaleidoscopic flower gardens, there's something for everyone at Callaway Gardens.

Etowah Indian Mounds

This 54 acre site comprises a 63 foot flat topped earthen mound and is the most untouched culture site in the Southeast. The Etowah Indian Mounds were home to Native Americans around 1000 A.D. and the artifacts signify a culture with abundant rituals. There are 6 earthen mounds that were used for burial grounds and the chiefs home. Artifacts include, enormous hand carved stone idols that still contain the original coloring. This site is one of the most epic history lessons you've ever had. 

Okefenokee Swamp

The Okefenokee Swamp Park is an impressive National Wildlife Refuge with an immense collection of lakes, prairies, islands,  jungles, forests, and is the largest intact freshwater and blackwater wilderness swamp in North America. Located on the GA/FL line, it's full of flora, fauna and wildlife you've likely never heard of or seen before. This swamp is otherworldly and often referred to as the Land of Trembling Earth.  Don't miss out on this legendary adventure.

Providence Canyon State Park

Known as “Little Grand Canyon”, the 1,000 acre park closely resembles the real thing with enormous, 150 foot canyons that don't look like anything else you will find in the Peach State. The pink, orange, red and purple hues of the canyons soil makes an astonishing natural painting at this peaceful park.

Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island is Georgia's largest barrier island, car free and peaceful. From swimming to bird watching, you will feel like you have stepped on to your own private beach. This awe-inspiring island is full of lush flora, ancient trees, primitive turtles, and wonderous, wild horses roaming free, there's an endless amount of Instagrammable moments. 

Tallulah Gorge and State Park

Often called Tallulah “Gorge”ous, it is the deepest gorge east of the Mississippi, contains 6 pristine waterfalls, an epic 80 foot suspension bridge and miles of hiking and biking trails, Tallulah Gorge and State Park is a nature lover's paradise.  

 I hope this list of 7 most beautiful things to see in Georgia inspires you to get out and explore this splendid world. 

Beautiful things to see in Georgia
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