10 Activities that Promote Self-Care

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


Feeling overwhelmed?

Do you practice Self-Care?

Do you know why it's important?

Self-Care should be added to your calendars much like doctor appointments and date nights. It is crucial to your physical, emotional and mental well-being. Set good intentions and make yourself a priority.

People often confuse self-care with being selfish but that is far from the truth. It's selfish when you don't honor your body with balance. Let these ten tips guide you as you develop your own self-care guide.

Crafting: Use your creativity and create something new. It improves your mental health and gives the brain an added boost. I recently started using the Cricut and it has not only become relaxing for me but it's a fun activity that I share with my daughter. It requires no true artistic skills but the results are beautiful. We made gift card holders for our New Year gift exchange. It was the added touch to a gift that can be thoughtless.

Making Self-Care a Priority with Cricut Crafting.
growingbig | Life in Pumps Crafting with Cricut has become a favorite activity.

In Home Spa: Upgrade your beauty routine to include a weekly face mask or luxurious bath. Bath bombs are relatively inexpensive or make your own body scrub with essential oils, brown sugar, coconut oil, and honey. Take extra time in the shower and slow your breathing.

Write it Down: Start recording those ideas and/or create a brain dump so that you can sleep more relaxed. Trying to remember everything on your to do list is stressful. Release it paper and use the brain power for something else.

Dancing/Singing: No need to dance or sing like Beyonce to enjoy the benefits. Powerful endorphins are released from singing your favorite songs or practicing your favorite dance moves.

Healthy Eating: We all know we should be doing and the guilt we feel when we don't is damaging. Look for ways to incorporate healthier eating habits.

Meditation: Studies have shown the benefits that meditating yet many of us continue to fight it. I recently started meditating every morning and it has helped regulate my stress levels and I feel better equipped to deal with the busy day ahead. The Bloom app has helped me get unstuck and it's part of my daily go to.

Mindfulness: Many confuse this with meditation and while both are important, mindfulness helps us tune out distractions and improves our memory and attention skills. Being mindful, allows you to focus on “the thing” while meditating is clearing your mind.

Say No: Realize that “NO” is a complete sentence and allow yourself to use it. Don't allow little things to eat up your time and mental energy. Start practicing now and see how it leaves you refreshed. 

Get Away: Sometimes you just need a change of scenery. Time away from the normal routine is a plus. The Even Hotel in NYC is a great place to do this. The in-room training equipment and essentials encourage happiness and a healthier you.

Brown Skin Girl relaxing at the Even Hotel Midtown NYC practicing self-care
growingbig | Life in Pumps Even Hotel Midtown NYC

Do Nothing: We are always on the go and sometimes a day on the couch is all you need. Allow yourself a day to do absolutely nothing but maybe binge watch a favorite show on Hulu or Disney+.

Share what works for you and how you are making yourself a priority. You deserve it!

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